With the HTC ‘M7’ or One as it is now known about to hit Australian stores on Tuesday, the rumours of the slightly lower end HTC ‘M4‘ continue to circulate. Digitimes is reporting that a supplier named Catcher Technology will be supplying a metal-alloy chasis for the M4 and begin shipping out 700,000 units in June. Understandably, Catcher Technology declined to comment on clients and orders.

The rumours surrounding a new HTC phone codenamed ‘M4’ have been with us for a while, the phone is said to come with a 4.3″ 720P screen, running a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8930) CPU with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board Storage. A possible reason for a delay between the release of the HTC One and the announcement of the ‘M4’ is the rumoured inclusion of an UltraPixel Rear Camera in the ‘M4’ which has been the cause of delays for the HTC flagship.

Who wants a metal-chassis lower end HTC One?

Source: Digitimes.
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Sujay Vilash

I would be very interested in giving one of these to my two kids as well as the SWMBO at home to replace her HTC Wildfire. But, the price must be right. There are lots of similar but cheap phones on the market as it is. Just check MobiCity. But I prefer HTC.


Wish HTC would enter the phaplet race.
The One on a 6+” screen with a bigger battery would easily take it to the Note series.
If a Huawaei have the courage why not HTC.

Sujay Vilash

Huawaei is playing with the Chinese government’s money so can hedge on a failure. HTC will be playing with their own money and probably cannot afford a failure. Their finances are already in a dire predicament. Nothing to do with courage and everything to do with economics.

Piers McCarney

I would be interested, VERY interested, but I’m concerned that the 1GB of RAM could result in a relatively short update lifetime.
Upgrade to 2GB and this could be a very attractive handset!

James Finnigan

It has three capacitive buttons… Shenanigans?

Max Luong

Definitely keen on this as a replacement for the wife’s Nexus S. Small size + ultrapixel camera + HTC build quality = win.

Sean Royce

I can’t believe the Nexus S is still kicking. I saw a woman at work with one and that thing still flies on 4.1.2 stock.