G2 Bezel
If you’re a fan of the original LG Optimus Gwe were – then you’ll probably be interested in what could be in store for the sequel. EVLeaks the serial leaker on Twitter who has managed to score some pretty consistent leaks to date, has just released a couple of photos of what could possibly be the LG Optimus G2.

The first tweet came through with a link to Facebook with the picture below and the caption ‘G2? Just a guess…’:
Optimus G2
Followed by the second picture tweeted shortly later showing the Bezel of the device in much greater detail :
G2 Bezel
No specs at this stage, although we can only hope that some will come along shortly.

The original Optimus G was of course the model used to create the Nexus 4 and if this is indeed the Optimus G2 and what The Korean Times this week reported is true, that LG were already working on the new Nexus phone expected later this year; then this phone would most likely be the basis of that new Nexus.

What are your thoughts? Is this the Optimus G2 or something completely new?

Source: evleaks.
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Joshua Hill

This could give us an idea of what the rumoured nexus 5 could be given the nexus 4 was based on the LG Optimus G.


Again it looks like LG is copying Samsung’s design language

Peter Graham

Yup .. looks almost identical to the S4 minus the home button.


Hmm, looks wrong to me, that ‘screen’ is longer than 16:9.

Nothing wrong with the speaker grill, but I’d kind of expect a cousin at the bottom today, serving as second stereo speaker/microphone.

Bevelled outward glass is dumb, just makes it that much more likely you’ll shatter it.


If this is a Nexus though then it will have the on-screen buttons, so it would need to be greater than 16×9 to provide the 16×9 screen when the buttons are visible?


You only really need 16:9 when you are viewing a movie in landscape ….. when the buttons are along the long edge …… which is why you need 16:10 in reality.

Making it longer/thinner had no advantage.


That speaker grille/detail looks like a mid-90s hifi system. Tacky.