Galaxy S4
Samsung has a new commercial for the Galaxy S4 and it actually looks like a good one, they stick mostly to the features of the new phone showing off things like the ability to interact with the phone just by hovering your hand over it, IR Remote control, camera functions and the ability to share files with NFC or S-Beam as they call it.

There are signs of the Samsung of old with a dig or two at the iPhone thrown in for good measure with the parents seemingly owning the iPhone and the younger attendees rocking the new Galaxy S4 but all in all it’s a pretty fun commercial. Check it out and see what you think :

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How come the Xperia Z is never mentioned in reviews and comparisons any more?

I have it, got it for free and it’s a pretty good phone, considering I had the GS3 before it.


It would’ve been so much cooler if it was an Xperia Z, where it could actually be in the guy’s pocket when he jumped into the pool

Daniel Tyson

When I saw the guy on the springboard I was thinking “Hang on, when did they release the ruggedized, waterproof version of the Galaxy S4?”