While I personally have no need to purchase these via Google Play as I’m geeky enough to own them as a box set, those of you who are yet to make the purchase of any or all of the Star Trek movies should be making your way to the Play Store today. The Star Trek movies are all on special at the moment: you can buy Standard Definition movies for $6.99 Aussie Dollars or High Definition for $11.99 or, if you’re so inclined, simply rent them for $3.99

While I love the old series of Star Trek and truly adore the original motion picture, being young (or old) enough to have grown up with The Next Generation on my television as a kid, my personal favorite of the Star Trek movies is Generations. The crossover between the old and new series characters, the interaction between them and the flow from one generation to the next was a true highlight for me.


Are you a Trekkie? Or do you live and die by the force? Let us know in the comments below or a Jedi mind trick

Source: Google Play.
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    Alexei Watson

    yet to purchase/rent a single movie on play. I’ve got an internet connected TV. youtube app. still no way i know of that I can purchase a movie on play, and watch it on TV. until that hurdle is crossed, I’ve got to get my movies elsewhere

    Phil Tann

    I have an HTPC that’s connected to TV – I get my Googles on! 😀

    Alexei Watson

    nice one. I stream my media through a NAS and the home network. damn sony TV – looks great but the internet content is useless. should have waited for a google tv.