Just as it was previously rumoured today, Google have indeed announced a subscription service for Google Play Music and they’re calling it “All Access”. Sadly, it’s US only for the time being — just like that Galaxy S4 — however, other countries are on the roadmap for launch.

It costs $9.99/mo and gives you access to all of the tracks available on Google Music. Google are also pushing their computing power to generate personalised playlist for users so that they can start a ‘radio station’ based off a single song and Google Music will queue up an endless stream of music that’s related to that song.

For Australians, we’re stuck using Google Play Music normally, or you can continue to use third-party subscription services like Spotify, MOG, Grooveshark, etc..

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    Georg Rooss

    Hi guys, I am using It is a US prepaid card with US address. I am from Germany and I am able to use every Google services with this card.


    I’ll give this a shot when it’s available. I’m currently paying like $13? dollars a month for Spotify Premium and apparently this has an early bird discount. It sounds like a sweet service but I also have an iTunes Match account too (zzzz music subscriptions).

    Andrew Palozzo

    Got it working 🙂
    Subscribe using a US proxy and attach it to a credit card with a US address.. then it works locally after that 🙂

    Matthew Biddle

    Where did you get a credit card with a USA address?


    Andrew Palozzo

    i just used my normal card against a USA address…

    Matthew Biddle

    Oh k sweet cheers they must not be verifying cards addresses any more sweet. Is it better then Spotify?

    Andrew Palozzo

    Maybe I spoke to soon.. looks like my order just got cancelled? :'( Seems like it’ll run until June.

    Matthew Biddle

    oh ok then did you apply with your regular google account?? maybe they picked up on it that way or who the card is issued from?