Galaxy s3 update

Galaxy S III owners who have been anxiously awaiting the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update can rest easy knowing that it’s coming. Sammobile have released a video of a Samsung Galaxy S III running the latest release of Android which includes a lot of the functions from the newcomer to the Samsung Galaxy S range, the S4 as well as the enhancements from Android 4.2.2 such as lock screen widgets and actionable notifications.

Are you eager to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the latest version of Android? Let us know what features you’re most looking forward to in the comments below

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Last time i upgraded to 4.2.2 I had Arabic apps and power on/off screens. I’ll pass this one thanks.


Then you didnt do it right….


The phone was in english. I’ve flashed many roms. It was just the carrier power on/off screen and the arabic based carrier apps. The rest of it was like your normal international rom.

Willy Wanka

It was Israeli.

Sean Royce

Obviously you’re unfamiliar with changing the system language. I’ve flashed heaps of stock roms that were internationally based. At the setup screen you just change it to your desired country.