If you really love the look of the new HTC One but can’t quite afford it, then HTC Australia is giving you the chance to win one by using Shazam on their commercial. If you’re quick you can load up Shazam on your phone and use it to scan the commercial while it’s playing on TV and get the URL to enter your details or, if you’re like me, you’re way too slow so you’ll want this :

When you Shazam the commercial, Shazam will interpret the commercial to give you a couple of URLs :

  • Clicking on the ‘Win The HTC One’ will take you to a page on MobileEmbrace, where you’ll be asked to enter in Four words you’d use to describe the HTC One, your Full Name, Email Address and Mobile Number.
  • Clicking the ‘Learn More’ link will take you to another MobileEmbrace page where you can learn all about the HTC One.
  • Clicking ‘Watch the Video’ lets you watch the video again on your Phone.
  • And I think we all know what ‘Like us on Facebook’ means.

The full terms and conditions for the competition are available on the HTC Website.

I don’t know about the rest of you but trying to get my phone out, loading Shazam and trying to scan the commercial for a sound is a little hard for me, but luckily you can now don’t have to, so play the YouTube video and Shazam the commercial or just head straight to the website and enter into the competition.


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Spellcheck: “Buy” using Shazam on their commercial.