Optus 4G
Optus is on the move in Adelaide, they’ve announced today that they’ve added some more towers to their network. After turning on 4G in the Adelaide CBD back in December they’ve added an additional 25 4G towers which are now available to Optus 4G customers. Existing 3G customers haven’t been forgotten either, with Optus announcing that they’ve upgraded 150 of their 3G sites to provide stronger 3G signals and better indoor coverage.

After turning on these towers, Optus 4G is now available in parts of :

  • Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide.
  • Inner-east and south-east suburbs including Hackney, Kent Town, Norwood, Beulah Park, Rose Park, Toorak Gardens, Dulwich, Glenside and Eastwood.
  • Western and inner-west suburbs of West Lakes (including AAMI Stadium), Hindmarsh, Mile End, Hilton, Richmond and Netley (including coverage at the airport arrival and departure gates).
  • Northern suburb of Modbury, including coverage into Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre.
  • Inner-south suburbs of Unley and Wayville.

But it doesn’t end there, ver the next two years, Optus will add another 100 sites in Adelaide and the surrounding area which will give more 3G and 4G coverage and they’ll also be upgrading over 100 existing sites to support 3G and 4G. All up, that’s a bit of a win if you live in the City of Churches.

Optus 4G is now available in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. You can get Optus 4G coverage in Canberra but only on their dual-band mobile broadband modems as no phones on the market in Australia currently supports 2300MHz. Head on over to the Optus Website and check out their coverage map for more details.

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About time in Adelaide. I find it very frustrating at times in North Adelaide to get any signal strength and the poor signal really chews up the battery in my N4.

Sean Royce

Now they need to add more in Brisbane. I don’t even get good reception in my house. I live in a suburban area about a 20 minute walk from the towers.

Charles Kane

I live in Kent Town one of the areas with the improved #G towers. My Live Connected Nexus has shown maximum bars all day.