Google Slide to Unlock Patent
If the slide to unlock on your Android device has been a bit frustrating as you require security but lust after the lock screen shortcuts of your less than secure Android brethren then a new patent that has just been granted to Google may just help you out.

Filed back in March 23, 2012, Patent 8,504,842 is a way for you to use customise your unlock pattern to unlock your phone direcly into an app of your choosing, thus allowing your device to remain secure, while at the same time allowing you quick access to the apps you need the most.

When or if we’ll ever see the patent and resultant functions implemented in Android is the next question; we saw Face Unlock launched with Ice Cream Sandwich in October 2011, will we see this add-on to the pattern unlock launched in Key Lime Pie?

Source: USPTO.
Via: Engadget.
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Nick Tsiotinos

There’s already an app for that! On Google Play called LockScreen by GoodAppsTeam.
It seems to run quite well on my HTC One and provides pattern lock security and allows me to choose an app to run at the same time as I unlock.