After Daniel’s earlier article regarding ISPOne and Telstra’s current Federal Court action, it seems another MVNO, Savvytel, is set to close its doors according to a report through WhistleOut.

The closure of Savvytel which was leaked via a sales representative, is slowly finding its way back to customers who are complaining that they have not been given notice about the telco’s decision, with no formal notification either via email or on the company’s website.

It seems even trying to currently recharge or buy a SIM card from the Savvytel website, customers are getting the following message:


There is no official comment or word from Savvytel directly. However we do hope to hear what the company’s plans are exactly. For customers who are concerned about losing their number should be advised that it is easy to move your existing number to a new provider.

If you are one of these concerned Savvytel customers and wishing to transfer your number to a new mobile provider, you may wish to view the various plan options and compare them, through our partner WhistleOut.

Is this the beginning of the end for MVNOs? Are you a Savvytel customer? Let us know in the comments!

Source: WhistleOut.
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SavvyTel are back in business now.


SavvyTel are back in business now.

Mitchell Smith

I don’t normally comment for reasons like this, but this was one of the most poorly written articles I have seen on Ausdroid. Without wanting to discourage a new writer, it’s important these mistakes are corrected as soon as possible in order to maintain the higher quality of Ausdroid. You don’t want to be relegated to simple “blog” quality in the eyes of peers and readers. In the fourth paragraph, I am sure “bust” is not the correct word. It doesn’t make any kind of sense in the context, and is most definitely not a pronoun. I don’t know how… Read more »


I concur.

James Finnigan

I appreciate that you weren’t rude (we all know how these kinds of comments usually tend to go), but I can’t help but think that your comments would have been more helpful/appropriate in an email to the author directly, rather than as a public shaming. Here’s why – (1) there’s no guarantee that the author will see your comment, and so any typos in the piece may remain uncorrected; (2) it’s kind of rude. If you spot an error, shoot us a (friendly) email, we’ll fix it up and everyone stays happy. Don’t get up on a soap box and… Read more »

Mitchell Smith

I’ll remember that next time, if there is a next time. Hopefully there is not. I do really love this site, and I in no way meant to publicly shame the author. I just wasn’t really aware of another means to address the issue, nor did I really think about one, to be honest.

Keep up the good work guys!

Like A Boss

I wouldnt worry about it personally, people that write those comments are usually the losers with no friends that went through highschool lonely and suicidal, they have nothing better to do than to criticise others to make themselves feel better

James Finnigan

Now that seems a bit harsh. Sure, these kinds of comments get annoying and can sometimes be quite rude, but I don’t think that comments of this nature are really appropriate.

‘I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy’. Unfortunately, this is the internet and we all have a lot of feelings. But can we please keep things civil? Ausdroid is a nice place 🙂

Matt Stow

It’s “losing”, not “loosing” and “buy”, not “by”!


Love it Matt 🙂 just like there, their and they’re

Sujay Vilash

Here we go again …


What’s your problem Sujay ? he is correct.

Sujay Vilash

These authors are doing all this for our infotainment. They don’t get paid and usually do these articles in their “family” time. Do we really need to pick up on their grammar or spelling mistakes ? Or should we look past them to see what the article is saying. It is getting rather tiresome for holier than thou people coming onto forums such as this for all the wrong reasons. Matt may be correct (as you point out) but what is more important, the author’s errors or the story behind the article. Why can’t we cut these authors some slack… Read more »