It seems that with Google Glass and Chromecast taking up much action within the media recently, Google TV has taken a somewhat back seat, until now. LG has filed a pair of trademark applications that could possibly mean the company is certainly looking at manufacturing more Google-powered TV sets according to a report on Android Community.

The trademark applications, which were filed last week, have been given the names of “LG G TV” and “LG Perfect Picture”. With Perfect picture it could possibly mean anything from a TV set to a tablet displays, to smartphone screens, maybe something else, who knows? Whilst the G TV name is more telling to say the least.

In case you may have forgotten, LG recently adopted the single letter “G” to refer to its line of premium devices, starting with the recently launched LG G2 Smartphone. This could provide the G TV an opportunity to fit snuggly within the G ecosystem as the first premium Google TV-enable device.

While the trademark filings give no detail on availability or if the devices will actually come to fruition, it is quite exciting none the less. However time will only tell, as LG have previously filed seven smart TV for 2013, but most have not yet seen the light of day at this stage. Trademark filings are generally used to reserving the name for future purposes, which could take years.

None the less, it is certainly looking good for Google TV services and we will be keeping an eye out if and when LG does finally announce the LG G TV and LG Perfect Picture.

Source: Android Community.
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