Android Lamington shot
The next version of Android will be Kit Kat according to the announcement this morning. The progression of names for Android releases have – except for the first two – been dessert themed, so with L the next dessert up for naming. I really would like to put forward Lamington as my preference for the next Android version name.

There are of course a number of different options for desserts that begin with the letter L that Google could consider, but being Australian, I would love to see Lamington being used as the name of the next version of Android and apart from Lamington, there’s not a huge amount of desserts starting with L to consider :

  • Lollipop
  • Licorice
  • Lemon Meringue Pie – Hey, we never got Key Lime…

Of course, all new Android versions are launched with a piece of reference hardware, usually of a Nexus device – Dream, Droid/Milestone and Xoom are exceptions – and this then leads to the possibility that if an Android release were to be named after an Australian dessert where else would be the best place to launch that device than right here in Australia? Sydney Harbour makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Of course, if Google wishes to go with another trade-marked brand name they could always go with Life Savers ;). Sound off in the comments – Lamington or is there another dessert starting with L that the next version of Android could be called?

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    Hari Thiruppathi

    Sundar Pitchai should honour India by naming it as “Laddu”


    My quess is licorice.


    Lamington has my vote, would accep Licorice Sherbet as runner up.


    Uhhhh..I seriously doubt. What is that all over its face? And chest? Doesn’t look safe for children…

    Lollipop seems possible…

    Mikey Mike

    Anything that contains the word lemon should probably be avoided. I’d like to see Pavlova when P comes around but it probably won’t get chosen for the same reason as Lamington won’t and Key Lime pie didn’t. No one has mentioned the confectionary Life Savers yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Damon Lewis

    Operation send lamingtons to Google?


    I think lamington is too Australia-specific. I don’t know how popular lamingtons are in the US and Europe. Not very I’d assume.

    Safest bet would be lollipop. Everyone knows what that is, it’d be easy to make the next Android logo with it etc.

    I was surprised with KitKat though. I liked it and don’t mind a bit of cross promotion. Life Savers would be ok too.


    I’m now wondering what will be used for M. Mars bars? Milky Way?



    Alexei Watson

    Put a lot of time into that picture? haha!

    Good idea, I’d love to see an australian dessert get it.


    Where did the idea that the next version of Android would be called Key Lime Pie come from?

    Alexei Watson

    from google. Now it appears it was an internal decoy

    Damon Lewis

    I’ve read that it was going to be KLP up until recently when they switched to KitKat.

    Alexei Watson

    according to android police google ran with the KLP name, but changed their mind late last year.. but kept it a secret, even within google. So although KitKat was decided, most googlers though KLP was confirmed, until today. hence no leaks.


    If this was a marketing plan it was a good one! Look at all the free advertising both Google and Nestle are getting from mainstream news today!

    Daniel Tyson
    Darren Ferguson

    Since key lime pie was overlooked as not many people have had it before, I think lamington will suffer the same fate. It’s not even in the Google keyboard dictionary.