For those of you wanting to get your hands on the next Nexus tablet, it seems that Samsung is not going to be making it, but Asus – the manufacturer behind the highly successful Nexus 7 tablets – will, at least according to a tweet from @Rage06 which has since been re-tweeted by @eveleaks.

The tweet below comes from Ray who works at Curry’s PC world in the UK and it does seem to confirm within their system at least that indeed the new Nexus 10 device will be made by Asus and not Samsung (as currently the manufacturer).
Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.48.52 AM

The tweet does contradict a previous confirmation from Sundar Pichai who went on the record just after the launch of the Nexus 7(2013) to state Samsung would be making the sequel to the Nexus 10 but does marry up with a previous post, from the 9th of August in which Russell Holly from has stated that multiple sources are reporting to them that Asus rather than Samsung will actually be making the Nexus 10 (2013).

Of course with over 2 months until the first birthday of the original Nexus 10 tablet to go, it will be interesting to see what Google will announce and what the device will actually look like. Remember the new Nexus 7 (2013) is still 7″ but is much slimmer and lighter than the original Nexus 7, so this could perhaps foreshadow what Asus has planned for the Nexus 10.

It will be interesting to see what will pan out for the new Nexus 10″ 2013.

Are you considering buying the new Nexus 10 2013? Do you currently own a Nexus 10 device by Samsung? What would you like to see as part of its features?

Source: Rage06.
Via: EVLeaks.
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Festivus Oz

Eagerly awaiting this as my first tablet purchase. Would like to see an IR blaster making an entry into Nexus devices. Making them controller for all home theater and home automation. Synergy with Google TV and Chromecast

Holly Peers

A million times yes!


I really hope the new one has front facing speakers like the current one.


Still too expensive. The extra for screen, case, battery, etc isn’t that much.

Oh, and needs keyboard cover.

vijay alapati

samsung has done a good job on nexus 10, But its fair to say that asus might do it better……only if the price is $299 for 16gb