As if they didn’t have enough issues already, HTC now face a potential import ban on the HTC One into one of the worlds biggest smartphone markets; the United States of America.

A preliminary ruling this week stated that Nokia’s patent claims against HTC had foundation on 2 specific patents that relate to the Qualcomm chip in the HTC One. This Qualcomm chip is responsible for the phone reception and boosting signal to ensure that the phone has good reception and audio quality during calls.

At this time, the understanding is that HTC have begun working with Qualcomm to avoid the preliminary ruling becoming a final ruling and enforcing the import ban. The other realistic option available to HTC to avoid what would almost certainly be a crippling blow to a struggling companay is to pay a licensing fee to Nokia to allow them (HTC) to continue to use the technology they’re currently using.

Have the patent wars gone too far when it’s impacting the quality of product that consumers are seeing?

Source: Wall St Journal.
Via: Talk Android.
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So is it HTCs use of how it utilises/tweaks the qualcomm chip or the qualcomm chip that does it and HTC doesn’t really have an option as its embedded???

Phil Tann

If what I read (and understand) is correct – it’s how the HTC One uses the chip that infringes the patent. It’s certainly not the only device that has uses Qualcomm chips, but it’s the only one that’s had this patent infringement notice issued from Nokia that I am aware of at this time.

vijay alapati

Wish these manufactures concentrate more on the phone features rather than patents, Looks like they are doing this as they have no other source for revenue

geoff fieldew

I think HTC are already paying royalties/fees/whatever to both Microsoft (Nokia) and Apple. Peter Chou be like “Just put it on our tab”.


I’m wondering if it is actually Nokia driving this, or wether Microsoft is behind this move.


Are you serious, Phil? What a stupid post!

Gregory Williams

Are you serious, Al? What a useless comment!