Glass, that fabled product that most people are just dying to either try or buy is getting closer to a retail launch, with Google today asking developers of Glassware – the name that Google has chosen for Apps that run on Glass – via Twitter to ensure check out the Glassware Launch Checklist and submit their app for review.

The ‘Distributing Glassware’ support page linked in the tweet, advises developers to ensure that their Apps adhere to the Terms of Service and Developer Policies documents and that their Glassware passes the Launch Checklist. Once complete developers can submit their Glassware for review where if it’s successful they will receive additional Mirror API quota and appear on MyGlass.

With Glassware Apps cropping up quite a lot of late – even Telstra has chipped in with an AFL App – there should be quite a wait for approval. No word yet on whether developers who successfully submit their Glassware will get access to the higher end Glass Developer Kit(GDK) which allows direct access to the sensors and hardware in Glass, a feature which is rumoured to arrive in the XE10 update due to rollout this month.

Glass is nearly here and steps like this just whet your appetite for Glass and what it could possibly deliver, hopefully a retail launch of Glass isn’t too far away and allowing developers to release full blown apps is a step towards the full realisation of Glass as a retail product.

Source: Glass Twitter.