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Dungeon Keeper from Electronic Arts (EA) has just been released on Android, and it’s a great game – but with a few reservations. The game itself is a strategic tower defence type game. You have a playing area in which you must expand and improve your dungeon, whilst protecting it from invading hordes that must come from Hades itself.

Dungeon Keeper 2

As a first time player of Dungeon Keeper, I found that initially the game play and moves were overly complicated, but after an hour or so, it all started to make sense. There’s gold to be mined and gems to collect which can be spent on more minions and speeding up the game.

And that’s the problem with Dungeon Keeper. It’s a free game, with in app purchases encouraged. Producing  more goblins and gremlins come with a countdown timer, if you wish to speed up proceedings then it will cost you gems. EA has done a very decent job of balancing the amount of gold and gems that you can naturally earn in the game – you can probably finish the game without spending a real cent, but impatient players might spend quite a bit of money to get to the end.


The game itself looks great and is as polished as you would expect from EA. It is quite possible to go a very long way, if not finish with out costing you anything. The strategy and complex decisions that you have to make are compelling. If you are a fan of strategic games then Dungeon Keeper is certainly worth a look.

Have you played Dungeon Keeper before? What do you think of the Android version from EA? Let is know in the comments!

Source: Android Police.
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    Absolutely loved the first 2 games, being able to slap your minions to work harder and also take over their body and walk around in 3D perspective, all with a keen sense of humour made it a favourite of mine.


    When Dungeon Keeper was originally created back in the day, the term tower defence didn’t exist. It may actually have been the first ever. Although it shared more with RTS’s than mobile tower defence games.

    Freemium didn’t exist either…


    Fremium. Devs that prey on players. Doubleplusungood.