Neon Shadow 1

Neon Shadow is an intense and exciting first person shooter that copies draws inspiration from Quake and Doom. You are a heavily armored Space Marine Commander who has to save a space station overrun with robotic alien creatures that are out to draw blood — your blood.

To say that the setting – confined corridors and swooshing cargo doors that you have to negotiate whilst laying waste to the alien hordes with your trusty shotgun – is similar to Quake/Doom is being generous to the developers, Crescent Moon Games. It’s almost exactly like those previous games, though to their credit they don’t really try to hide it. Even the heads-up display has an image of the Commander that starts to bleed once too much damage has been done. This doesn’t detract from the game at all, though – the Quake/Doom franchises were exceptionally popular for a reason, and Neon Shadow brings more of the same in spades.

Neon Shadow 2

Where Neon Shadow shines are the great graphics, easy navigation system, good controls for a phone/tablet game, and most refreshingly – no in-game purchases. It costs $3.14 up front and that’s it. The game supports Google Play Games and third party controllers, including the Nvidia Shield.


Besides the single player campaign, Neon Shadow also features online and LAN multiplayer death-match. What really makes the game stand out though, is the two-player split-screen mode which shows both displays on the one tablet – a fantastic way to take on the enemy with a mate:

Neon Shadow 3

This is a very good game that comes highly recommended for lovers of classic first person space shooters. Suit up Commander and start blasting the waves of alien intruders!

Do you love Quake? Looking forward to playing this updated homage? Let us know in the comments!

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    Google play link doesn’t work.


    The Google Play Store link is glitched, Rob