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Telstra are looking to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cat4 4G on November 12 according to a source. The device is identical, in terms of design and most of its hardware, to the Galaxy S4 except the Cat4 4G version supports a faster 4G connection thanks to a newer radio in the device as well as Telstra’s Cat4 4G network with 20MHz of contiguous spectrum — currently in very few places, Perth is one.

All of Telstra’s Cat4 4G devices are rated at 150Mbps peak downlink speed, with Cat3 maxing out at a ‘measly’ 100Mbps. You can obviously expect slower speeds in real world usage, but that’s the gist of the technology.

It’s unknown if the device will completely replace the current Galaxy S4 4G, however, it will cost more. Our source indicates that the device will cost $13/mo on the $60 Everyday Connect plan over 24 months — that’s around $2 more than the current Galaxy S4 4G pricing.

Thanks: Anon.
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Actually the S4 4G Cat4 model comes with 2.3GHz quad-core processor the standard 4G model has 1.9GHz quad-core processor.

Jonathan Taylor

Got my 4g ‘Plus” as optus calls it (through virgin) coming in the mail right now so keen to see if there’s a huge speed difference here in Brisvegas


Is Telstra’s 20MHz of contiguous spectrum in the 700MHz band or some other frequency?


Telstra has 20MHz of contiguous spectrum in the 1800 band in some states. Vodafone has it in all mainland capital cities.

geoff fieldew

Samsung aren’t used to their flagship being ‘underspecced’ in such a short time. The competition is more fierce now with many Snapdragon 800 phones in the market with better performance (CPU, GPU and Baseband) than the Snapdragon 600 toting GS4.

Do we know that they’re deploying Snapdradon 800 in the new GS4 or is it Exynos?


Everything is the same, only difference is that it can do the “new” 4G. If you want a Snap 800 Samsung, only the note 3 has it in Aus


Not true only snap 800 can support cat 4. This is identical to 9506 vodafone is selling


Vodafone already has had the CAT4 S4 for quite some time now and has the 20MHz of contiguous spectrum in all states.