It’s rolled around to the average 6 weekly cycle for ChromeOS updates and the Chrome Team has updated the Chrome Releases blog to advise that the Stable, Beta and Developer channels for ChromeOS have all been updated.

First up, the Stable channel – old faithful – has been updated to version 28.0.1500.71, but it’s for Windows, Macintosh and Chrome Frame platforms. The update includes an update to Flash Player 11.8.800.97 but this will be done seperately through the component updater. The update consists of security updates and the full list of updates is available on the Chrome Releases blog or you can check out the SVN Revision Log.

The Beta Channel has also seen some love, with all devices being updated to versio 28.0.1500.68 – Platform version: 4100.68.0 – except for the venerable Cr-48 which gets Platform Version 4100.78.0. The updates for the Beta channel include updates to Pepper Flash(updated to version 11.8.800.94) as well as an update to address the battery charging notification which was displaying indefinitely at times

Finally, the Developer Channel has been updated to version 29.0.1547.16 (platform version: 4319.16.0) for all Chrome devices. The update includes a few important updates as well as bug fixes.

As usual if there are any issues with any of the updates or releases report them by filing a bug report, which you can do here.

To ensure your device is up to date, open your browser and go to the Chrome Menu > Settings > Click Help > Click ‘More Info’ and then wait for the all clear that you’re up to date – Note: You can also change which channel you’re on from this section by selecting it from the drop down, note you cannot change back till the version number of the previous channel increments to the newer version.