In a move sure to bring CyanogenMod to more users, the team have released a one-click installer to put its custom firmware on compatible Android devices. Installation seems fairly simple, with users needing a compatible device, Windows PC and a USB cable. The companion app — for Windows only, at this stage — will be available later todayis now available to download.

Steve Kondik, co-founder of CyanogenMod, said:

Our goal for the installer has always been to allow more users to experience the benefits of CyanogenMod, without the hassles of technical guides and concerns associated with the process.

More than 8 million users of CyanogenMod can’t be wrong, no doubt fans of the extension to Android that the popular custom ROM brings. Cyanogen has a simple goal, to become the third-most popular operating system behind Android and iOS, and we wish them all the best with this. Previously, installation of CyanogenMod wasn’t the most straight-forward of tasks for novice users, but with the One Click installer and simple instructions, the custom ROM could certainly expand its reach exponentially.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Have you tried CyanogenMod? If you haven’t, does this new, easier process make you more inclined to give it a try?

Source: Droid Life.
Via: The Verge.
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    And I just manually flashed it to my S3 yesterday =P
    I’m sure this would have been easier (but then not as much fun).

    David Anderton

    definitely good news, I hope google don’t shut this down if it gets to popular.

    Kin Choi

    they can’t as u need the PC client to sync with the firmware, also why would google shut it down (as it makes them more accessable)


    Actually I could imagine Google shutting it down, but I don’t think they will. I bought a Nexus cause I hate skins. But Nexus devices have their own compromises as well. I’d love a Galaxy S4 with a properly supported version of CM on it… but then again we do have the “Google Edition”!

    Adam Sacco

    A lot of people are jumping to conclusions on this app judging from the Play store reviews. It’s not a one-click install that’s going to trick naive users out of their warranties, it needs a PC install and sync cable in order to work.

    Michael Will

    The “voiding warranty” is a complete scam. It wouldn’t hold up in court.

    Phill Edwards

    Do you have to root first or does the PC app do that for you?


    This is the most important question I want an answer to. Does anyone know if your device needs to be rooted first?


    Of course it will. You cannot write to the system folder without root access.


    Flashing a ROM has nothing to-do with rooting.
    To flash a ROM, all you need is an unlocked bootloader. There’s no OS, so no concept of permissions.


    You are correct – I understood the question as enquiring whether the phone’s warranty would be affected because the phone was “rooted” (not many people understand that you have to unlock the bootloader before you can flash a custom recovery, and that once you unlock your bootloader, your warranty is void).


    … of course that’s what you meant.


    From their wiki:

    Do I need to root my phone before installing?

    No. You can have a rooted phone, or not. The installer doesn’t
    care. However, to be in a supported configuration, you need to be
    running a stock ROM.

    I would post the link, but last time I did that it got deleted =P

    Adam Sacco

    I read elsewhere that you also need to install a PC client to get the installation happening? Not quite a one-click solution then. Still, definitely makes it more accessible.


    soooo…there’s an app on the play store that will completely wipe the Google OS, and Google allowed it? I love CM, but this doesn’t seem right to me


    The Google OS is simply Android, open source software. CM is Android with their specific tweaks, like Samsung does with Tourchwiz and HTC with Sense.


    Wow!!! I read about this a few months back and thought it couldn’t happen… egg on my face.
    Were it not for the fact that I have a Nexus, I would be all over this. Knowing I can install Cm so easily, actually makes buying something from HTC for Samsung viable again!