Samsung Galaxy Gear update

Many sites have recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy Gear has only sold 50 000 units worldwide. Which is a major failure for Samsung. Not even reading between the lines of the original Korea Times article, it clearly states that Samsung has sold 50 000 Gear watches domestically.

Reuters is now reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Gear has sold over 800 000 units worldwide, and with the recent update, more sales are sure to flow.

What do you think? Do you have a Galaxy Gear watch? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Verge.
Via: Reuters.
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    i agree with the commenters- it seems Reuters got it wrong- Samsung had shipped 800,000 smart watches. not sold. Plus in the UK and much of the USA they are giving them away free with the note 3… does that count as a sale? I bet they do count that. In saying that i really hope it is a huge success for them so that other companies are encouraged to make better ones for people like me who refuse to use a samsung phone due to touchbloat. how about a smart phone with fitbit force functionality and built in heart… Read more »


    If I were to ever consider a smart watch, like my phone, it would have to be a Nexus device; I couldn’t possibly own a phone that was tethered to any one manufacturer.


    Samsung (like other companies) report units shipped rather than units sold to end users… The numbers for the latter are bound to be much less.

    Personally I don’t find any of the smartwatches currently on the market to be particularly compelling. They’re either limited in functionality (like the Pebble), or their performance is crippled (like the Galaxy Gear). I recently bought an old-fashioned dive watch, so that more or less rules me out from using a smartwatch in the near future!


    Correct. Sales to Samsung are sales into channel, not sales out of channel. How many of these 800,000 are sitting in warehouses around the world? This issue isn’t specific to Samsung either making it difficult to correlate device success based on “sales numbers”.