Ausdroid Reader Survey

Ausdroid Reader Survey

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been awhile since we’ve last done this, but it’s time to run the Ausdroid Reader Survey for the third time. Last run in May last year (give or take), we’re approaching 18 months since we’ve last conducted a mass survey of our audience, and it really is time to update.

There’s a few reasons why we need this information, and a few things that we do with it:

  • Primarily, it helps us decide what sort of content we should put on the site.
  • It helps us target advertising so (a) it’s more closely aligned to your interests, and (b) better able to keep Ausdroid running.
  • We can get a feel for what other areas you think Ausdroid could branch into — we don’t claim to be the repository of all knowledge, and your input is valuable.
  • Lastly, we just like to know a little bit about who’s reading the site.

> Click here to commence the survey <

It should take you five or ten minutes at most to complete. Thanks so much for helping us out.

To give you an added incentive — as if helping us out wasn’t enough — we’re going to offer a few prizes to people who complete the survey within the survey period. Up for grabs is a Google Chromecast device, as well as one of five $20 Google Play gift cards. Depending on how many survey responses we get, we might throw in a few extra prizes as well. Who knows.

To be eligible to win a prize, you have to complete the survey by 5pm AEDT on Thursday 12 December and provide your name and email address on the last page of the survey. Full terms and conditions are below.

Terms and Conditions

Now, to allay some concerns. We’re hoping to get many hundreds of responses so we can get a really clear picture of who’s visiting and using Ausdroid. We are offering some prizes as an incentive to complete the survey. We will ask, that in order to be eligible to win a prize, you give us your email address, and agree to subscribe to the Ausdroid newsletter.

However, there are some things we will not be doing. We will not be selling your personal details or demographic details to anyone. We may share de-identified, aggregate data with Ausdroid’s service providers (e.g. advertising account managers) in order to inform their decisions, but no personally identifiable information will be disclosed.

Further, our newsletter will be carefully curated to ensure its relevance to our audience, and we will always honour your request to opt out (though, we will be offering some special things just via our newsletter that you’ll miss out on by unsubscribing).

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    Done. Shows you what a quality site Ausdroid are who care about their readers thoughts! Keep up the good work guys!

    Phill Edwards

    I’ve just completed the survey as I assumed it works be an opportunity to provide feedback. Unfortunately it’s just a marketing data gathering exercise.
    Surely if you really cared what people think about your site you would ask questions about the quality of the articles? The feedback I would like to give us that most of the writers are good but there are some whose writing is not up to par and badly lower the standard of your overall offering.


    Phil, the reason we haven’t asked questions of that kind is that getting through many hundreds of free text answers is kind of difficult. We’ve done that the last two times and found it a massive effort. However, we do take all feedback on board, even from comments. If you’d like to provide some more detail, send me an email and we can follow up.


    done my bit in regards to the survey. love this site!

    Dan J

    I have a nexus 4 and various other android devices, But most days i use my iPhone 5, I know, And i sure I’m not the only one.
    However i would like the ausdroid app available on iOS ,

    Gregory Williams

    Done! I like the idea of an accessory shop. I would definitely buy off it to support you guys.


    Done and dusted. Couple of bugs, though. Please tell us what industry you work in. There’s no immediately obvious answer entries for: unemployed, or retired. Could you please tell us your Twitter handle: Where’s G+ ? Overall this survey was very good. As for more ads and pay for ad-free *Throws money at the screen I *WANT* to be able to pay to support Ausdroid. Ausdroid is the site I always look to for keeping up to date with Android info here in Australia. There’s plenty of sites to see what’s available and relevant to overseas. We need sites like… Read more »


    Hey Jeni, thanks for the feedback. We’ll take all this on board. Unfortunately we can’t edit the survey once it’s running.. but we’ll fix it up next time.

    As for supporting Ausdroid, I’m sure we can find a way to make this work, though it certainly won’t be a popular option. We definitely won’t be forcing it on anyone 🙂


    Sean Royce

    Such a rare site that a woman is interested in phones. Wish I could fine a woman who I could share my fascination with phones with.


    Done! Thanks for listening Ausdroid.

    The only problem I have with the Ausdroid App is that it seems to be (in my experience) quite slow to draw articles over from the website. I’d be happy to pay for an Ad free version of the app however.


    Cool. Done.
    In short. Love Aussie stuff. It’s why I come here. It’s hard for you guys to compete with the bigger blogs on International stuff but it’s still nice to hear your perspective.

    I don’t mind a few ads, as long as they aren’t intrusive, but nah, sorry, I wont pay to remove them. I like you guys but you aren’t in that rarified air of Sites I Would Pay For.


    Also Done.

    I’m in much the same boat as toast. Love the site. What I crave from ausdroid is learning about when new services come to Aus and the detail behind them (i.e. Google Voice/Wallet) etc.

    Probably wouldn’t pay but happy for advertising in whatever streams you see fit!