We reported recently that the Google Play edition of the HTC One would be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update soon. Now HTC has announced that the Developer Edition and the HTC Unlocked version will be getting KitKat starting from today. With all of the US special edition One’s receiving Android 4.4, surely it won’t be long until the international HTC One gets to taste some KitKat soon. ¬†@HTCUSA¬†recently tweeted:

Twitter   HTCUSA  HTC One Unlocked and Developer ...

It’s expected that the latest update will also bring Sense 5.5 to the international One. We’ll keep you updated on when the roll out will start for our versions of the HTC One, but remember that if you have a carrier supplied phone, the update will be delayed by network compatibility testing.

Do you have a HTC One? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Community.
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hmm i have an unlocked one, cid: 032, and i only got 4.3 this week. My suspicion is that the update isnt being rolled out until the carriers have done their testing anyway, otherwise we’d have it at least a few weeks before, given how slow they are. There’s no real good reason why we shouldn’t have kit kat for unlocked ones this year, but i bet we won’t see it in Australia till end of January. So good on you HTC US, bad on you HTC Australia!

Simon Farrelly

Never had a problem with any of my HTC’s. Wouldnt change for anything. Keep them coming

James Finnigan

Good job, HTC. It’s almost like losing millions of dollars has taught you a lesson.


Where are da haters who been saying HTC one owners gonna have to wait years for software updates. Where ya at ya f**ks

Happy Dog

Never again HTC!

Sean Royce

Considering it’s the developer edition then who knows when the standard device will get it.