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Google has released an update to its popular Play Music app, bringing some user interface changes, the ability to cache/download music to an SD card (if supported by your device) and a standard Share menu, allowing users to share their music tastes with their friends and family.

Support for caching music to SD card has been one of the most in-demand features since Google Play Music launched. Previously, the app cached its music to the internal storage, which on some devices might very quickly leave users with no available space for anything else. With this update, users with compatible handsets can leverage large SD card storage capacities for their music, potentially enabling offline storage of 30 or more gigabytes of music.

Further, the previous sharing option — which only allowed users to share their music with Google+ — has been replaced with the standard Android sharing options, allowing users to share their music with any compatible app, including (but not limited to) email, Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter and any other application supporting sharing of text.

It appears that this update began rolling out to Play Music users overnight, but it certainly isn’t universally available just yet. Keep an eye on the Play Store for updates!

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    David Anderton

    Would be good if the songs you added to your non sd device from play were actually stored in your music folder. I would like to be able to us my music as ringtones but it is impossible to find.

    Joshua Hill

    Move to SD doesn’t work on my SGS2, option not available. Google mentions in the app description the option is Kit Kat only and some experimental devices??? WTF

    vijay alapati

    I wonder how many devices have Sd card option running kitkat 😛

    Joshua Hill

    Exactly. Sweet F A

    Jackson C

    Option is present on my Xperia Z1

    Joshua Hill

    You must have an experimental device then unless Sony has released an official 4.4 update I am unaware of.


    got the update and that is weird. I often had to wait days because of Google’s stupid staggered rollout. I had to wait weeks for hangouts (and yes I know I can install the APK but that’s not the point)


    Really happy with this. I have a note 3 with 32+64 sd. I had to keep a copy of the original files on the SD which play music matched in some cases, but not others. This often led to an album with 2 copies of each song.