HTC One and Galaxy S4 Google Edition

So, just moments after we post about the HTC One Google Play Edition receiving the Android 4.4.2 update, we’re bringing the expected counterpart for the Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE as well. Samsung released a new set of kernel source and framework files for the Galaxy S4 GPE, and today the firmware is out — software version I9505GUEUCML4, which translates to Android 4.4.2/KOT49H.

If you’ve managed to pick up a Galaxy S4 GPE, or converted your normal Galaxy S4 into one, you can wait for the OTA or download it manually to receive the update. Of course, the process for flashing these updates manually is beyond the scope of this quick update, so beware, any updates are done at your own risk!

Let us know if you’re using one of these semi-Nexus handsets and what you think of the update.

Source: Android Police.
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Hey Chris. Also seriously considering flashing this on my S4 as well. I’ve got a German stock one. Just wondering, with the 4.4 updates in general, has the GPE gained the ability to use the IR blaster? I know that 4.4 now natively supports the IR blaster but I’m not sure if the GPE ROMs currently do…


In truth, I don’t know the answer to this; I don’t have a Galaxy S4. You’d best do a bit of research if this feature is important to you — there’s probably some way that it’s supported, but I don’t know this for sure.


Hi Chris, just wondering will the GPE rom will support Australian network bands? I have a telstra G4 and am considering flashing it to the play version


I don’t see that flashing a different rom should affect the bands.. just make sure you’re not flashing a new radio firmware and you should be fine.