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Sony Xperia
With the Sony Xperia Z now a year old – it was launched at CES this time last year – the details could be coming on an updated Phone and Tablet that Sony are working on for a possible release at Mobile World Congress in February.

The phone – codenamed Sirius – is tipped to have a 5.2″ screen and be powered by a Qualcomm based MSM8974AB SoC – a variant of the Snapdragon 800 which can see slightly higher clock speeds, although there is some speculation that the Snapdragon 805 could be seen instead. While the rumour tips the phone for Verizon as a possible US carrier, this upcoming Xperia phone could find a home on any of the carriers here in Australia, with the Xperia Z proving popular here when it launched in February last year on all three carriers.


The tablet – codenamed Castor – would be a replacement for the ultra-thin and ultra-light Xperia Tablet Z and would be powered by the same Snapdragon 800 variant as the phone. As with the Xperia Tablet Z, there would be both 4G and Wi-Fi models made available.


Sony has been doing some good work with their devices of late, they’re gaining popularity in modding circles for their work releasing AOSP builds for many of their top tier phones and they’re quite frankly not bad to look at, add in IP58 Dust and Waterproofing and they’re good all round phones designed to be used.

With CES still going on for another few days, we look forward to MWC in February to see if there is any credence to the rumoured release of a 2014 Flagship phone so soon after the launch of the Xperia Z1 in .

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Joshua Hill

By the time Sony release a mini Z variant in Australia it won’t be equivalent to their flagship smartphone in a mini format as they’ll have released a new flagship with better hardware.

Sean Royce

Still a great small sized phone, no need for complaints.

Joshua Hill

Yes it will still be a fabulous small phone and on my list of devices to consider when I eventually upgrade.

I love complaining but this wasn’t a complaint just a statement. Everybody talks about the mini being the 1st non stripped down small phone. Unfortunately, it looks like this may no longer be true as by the time it’s released Sony will also have released a new flagship with better hardware.

Sean Royce

I know that, but I’d hardly call the snapdragon 800 a slouch. It’s still very high end.