The announcement today of a Steel version of the industry leading Pebble Smartwatch held a bit of an interesting tidbit in the introduction, when CEO Eric Migicovsky announced that the Smartwatch was now available at retail in Australia.

Pebble, has advised us that the original version of their Smartwatch is now available to order from the Dick Smith Website – in black only at this stage – with Free Delivery for $179. If you would like to check the physical product out before making your purchase, Dick Smith advised that stock is due in-store across Australia this week.

At this stage, Pebble retains exclusive rights through their GetPebble website, on sales of the updated Steel series version of the Pebble, where they offer the watch with free worldwide delivery for US$249.

The time is right to purchase if you’re at all interested in Smartwatches, with this mornings announcement that the Pebble curated App store will be launching by the end of this month, giving even more functionality to the already useful device. The Pebble really set the standard when it comes to Smartwatches from the very start with its Kickstarter campaign, and with the constant improvements to the underlying software which the company has made along the way since its release, it continues to hold its own.

If you’re interested in checking out the Pebble, head across to the Dick Smith Website, or check out your local Dick Smith outlet where stock of the Pebble should be arriving this week.

Source: Dick Smith.
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Great except as usual dick smith are hopeless. They can’t find the stock in the George Street store and they supposedly have 200 waiting in the distribution centre.


The shop in Civic Canberra apparently had 3, unpacked. They now have 2.


I’ve been wanting to check one of these out in person before buying. Hopefully they have some in soon to check out.