Using a pincode or swipe-pattern to unlock your phone is so passé, these days it’s all about voice commands, at least that’s what OnePlus want you to believe with their latest feature to be unveiled in their leadup to the full announcement of their first phone the OnePlus One.

Today on their forum, they’re introducing the voice unlock feature, looking for input on the command that will unlock the phone. But it seems that you won’t just be unlocking your phone but also be able to search or tell your phone to perform other functions

Tired of unlocking your phone before interacting with it? Pins and fingerprints are a thing of the past! Ever wondered how would it be if you could command your phone to set up an alarm or do a search on Google without having to use your fingertips? The future is now!

We’ve developed a new voice recognition/command feature based on Qualcomm’s technology which the Cyanogen team has implemented into our customized version of CyanogenMod OS. Now, you can train your OnePlus One to recognize your voice and perform different tasks even when the phone is locked!

There’s a list of three choices for the phrases, with ‘OK, OnePlus!’ currently leading with 32(76.2%) votes, ‘Wake up, OnePlus!’ is the next most popular with 6(14.3%) votes and finally ‘Alakazam’ the least popular(rightfully so IMHO) with a mere 4(9.5%) votes.

Actually talking to your phone to do anything is not as common as companies like Google, Motorola and now OnePlus would have you believe, when was the last time you saw someone doing this in public? Obviously in private this must be different and there must be focus groups or data to support the delivery of this kind of service.

Head across to the OnePlus forums and vote on your favoured wake command.

Source: OnePlus.
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the phone is sounding promising but we will see – with the size of the company we will be lucky to avoid big hardware issues .
with the always on listening, it would be better if they allowed a choice between two or three voice triggers

vijay alapati

Lots of expectations….. Hope it lives up to its hype