This morning, I noticed that the Play Store had a new featured category-‘Australian Made‘, which showcases some of the cool apps made right here in Australia. As you’d expect, it features some of our own favourite local developers, such as Shifty Jelly (Pocket Casts, Pocket Weather) and Chris Lacey (Action Launcher, Link Bubble), as well as some applications for local sports teams and media outlets.

It’s great that Google are taking this step to promote Australian developers. There is some real talent in this country, so let’s all fire up the old Play Store and give our local developers a bit of support by downloading some of their amazing apps.

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    geoff fieldew

    Some of my favourites in here: NFS Most Wanted, Pocket Casts, AFL, etc. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!


    set SARCASM to 100

    I really like how EA Games, Switzerland, (EA Swiss Sarl) is somehow Australian.

    set SARCASM to 0

    Daniel Tyson

    Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Real Racing 2 and several other EA Games were in fact designed and coded by Fire Monkeys – an AUSTRALIAN coding house in Melbourne.


    Thanks Dan. I didn’t know who the dev house was.
    All Google puts on the apps is the distro mob, the Swiss branch of EA.


    Following a burn or scald, make sure you and the affected person are safe from further burns or danger – then cool a burnt or scalded area immediately with cool water (preferably running water) for at least 20 minutes.


    Nice to see they have the Australian ABC this time.


    I expect to see tram tracker, weatherzone+, ABC iview and commbank apps in this category.