LG Smart Globes
LG has taken the opportunity to liven up a Sunday by announcing they will enter the LED lighting market by releasing their own ‘Smart’ LED light bulb which will be controllable from Android and iOS devices.

There’s two bulbs which have been announced – Color: B1030EA5L6B and Day White: B1050EA5L6B. Like most LED lights, they have an extremely long life with LG advising the bulbs will run for five hours a day for up to 10 years. The use of LED also means that they’re energy efficient.

Like most smart bulbs on the market – Philips Hue, LifX and Belkin WeMo bulbs – the LG Smart Bulbs will be controllable from apps launched on the two largest mobile platforms – iOS and Android, with the Android App working with devices running Android 4.3 and above.

From the app you will be able to control the brightness as well as turn the bulbs on and off, different modes will also be available including Security Mode – options to turn the lights off/on at certain times and for Android only – Play Mode, where the lights will blink or adjust brightness with the music. The lights will also flash when you get a phone call.

Sales will start at a price of 35,000 won or AUD$35.67. When they will be available has not yet been announced but we will be asking LG Australia first thing in the morning.

Source: LG.
Via: Android Central.
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YES! Finally time adjustable lights! I work long hours and I’d love for some lights to turn on for my dogs when it starts to get dark. Yeah, spoiled I know, but currently I’m leaving a fluro on all day just so they have a couple of hours of light at night. It’ll also be good for exterior lighting that you may want to turn off at a certain time without annoying hard-wiring.

Oh god, I just got excited about light bulbs. I now hate myself.


Ummm they have these things called timers. Might be handy for you to turn a lamp on etc rather than leaving lights on all day!


Really? Timers for hard wired lighting that won’t need an electrician to come out? Can you link me to one please?


So want…..


Ha, i was in an LG shop last night (in korea), don’t think i saw these, but saw some lighting setup and thorught “oh LG does lighting too” .. just thought it was another korea only product, will head back in sometime and see if they are in

Brad Hook

Heaps keen for one of these, or maybe two if they make them in small Edison screw, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Phill Edwards

Can you also please ask LG what type of fitting they will have. That always seems to be something that is overlooked when talking snout these smart lighting systems.


Phil, you can see it in the photo.
The intro lot are ES globes.


And adapters are cheap enough for bayonet.