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Australian bargain site Catch of the Day is having a “Technothon” sale ending 2pm Sydney time on Monday afternoon which includes a few Android devices.

Amongst the usual supply of monitors, laptops, headphones, hard drives, routers and SD cards you’ll find some Sony and Samsung devices from the last year – you might be able to save some money on a phone or tablet you’ve had your eye on for a while.


Catch of the Day is offering Sony’s earlier 2013 flagship – the Xperia Z in purple and white for $419 – a decent discount given the age of the device (it’s a little over a year old and it’s due for an update to KitKat).
» Xperia Z review
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Sony’s upgrade to the Xperia Z, and their current flagship, the Xperia Z1 is going in white and going for $569.95 in white. The Z1 came out a few months ago and features a 20MP camera.
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The Xperia Z Ultra was Sony’s entry into the phablet race. Offering similar specs to Sony’s Xperia Z1 with a less featured-packed camera but a huge 6.4 inch screen, it’s going for $569.95 and is available in black or white.
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» Buy: white, black

If you’re after a tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z is a 10.1″ tablet which is still actually Sony’s current flagship (the Z2 Tablet is due any day now). It’s the 16GB model, going for $449.95.
Xperia Tablet Z review.
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Catch of the Day has less Samsung products on offer, but there’s still some bargains:

The Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung’s 2013 attempt to fuse the Galaxy S4 with a compact camera, is going for $379.95.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet is available in both 4G and Wifi versions. We quite liked the Note 8.0 but thought it was priced a little high at release, so this is a good opportunity to snap it up. The 4G version is $459.95 while the Wifi model is $329.00. Both models have 16GB of storage.
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» Buy now: 4G, Wifi

Remember, Catch of the Day is a first-come-first-served model, and there are no guarantees any of these items will be left in stock by tomorrow (or by the time you read this).

Did you find any other bargains in COTD’s Technothon sale? Let other readers know in the comments!

Source: Catch of the Day Technothon.
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