samsung-galaxy-s5-boxSamsung is releasing an update to the international version of the Galaxy S5 handset to improve the recognition of integrated fingerprint scanner and to speed up the camera performance.

We noted when we reviewed the S5 (as did many other reviewers) that the fingerprint scanner was woefully inaccurate, and often required repeated attempts to get it to recognise a registered print, in contrast to a decent implementation in the iPhone 5S. If Samsung have found a way — in software — to fix this, then that’s great news for those of us who are security conscious but want an easy (one handed) way to unlock our phones.

The camera update simply allows the camera to launch more quickly than it did previously, which will be a welcome change for those who want to capture spontaneous happy-snaps on their S5.

Other fixes and changes in the update target overall performance on the S5 (which we know wasn’t too flash), and improvements in RAM usage to leave more free for applications.

This update is just for the international version, though. Carrier-branded (or even unbranded, sold by carrier) models might not receive the update for awhile. If you believe you’ve got a genuine international version, the update is available now in Kies — the OTA update will come, but might not be available as quickly.

Source: SamMobile.
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Shea Quinn

My Samsung Rep informed me of a new 100MB update for the S5 that fixes a few things but most importantly allows us Aussies to finally change the dock icons. Updating my Telstra S5 now so we will see if its true.


I hope that’s true mate

Shea Quinn

Can confirm its true. Phone is alot snappier aswell.


sweet, can’t wait to get home and update!

Shea Quinn

It was the update I was waiting for. Just not enough to make me want to keep the phone.


Got the update. Telstra s5

Barry Findlay

Bought mine outright unbranded. Still no update avaliable. Though I cant say ive had a problem with the finger print scanner. Mine works fine.


i have an unlocked Australian version and it’s yet to get this update on Kies.