Further to our post of the official FIFA app last night ahead of this year’s World Cup, we’ve had suggestions flowing in from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and even comments here, about what other apps might be worth keeping an eye on. OneFootball is one of those suggested apps, and it caught our attention for a great tablet layout, and of course, a wealth of information in an accessible format.

Very quickly we were able to access information about our favourite domestic club (Sydney FC) and also the national team (the Socceroos), as well as a handful of information about the World Cup, groupings, news, and even team and player stats.

With all this information, we’d recommend that keeping OneFootball at hand during the lead up to the World Cup is a great suggestion, and undoubtedly it’ll have some great content flowing through once the games kick off in just under four weeks.

OneFootball - Soccer Scores
OneFootball - Soccer Scores

Do you have any other favourite apps which people should be aware of leading up to the World Cup? Let us know!

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    Bleacher Report is fantastic and push notifications for all headlines


    soccer. we are in Australia 😛


    Football. It’s the world game. 😉

    The ‘football’ that you mexicans play isn’t football at all. It’s more.. hand egg!

    Andrew Palozzo

    Awesome!! But playstore link?


    Woops, sorry Andrew! It’s there now 🙂

    Andrew Palozzo

    Yeah.. i went and searched for it manually after your post.. it took 10 seconds which you owe me now 🙂

    Have to say really diggin the app though. Super slick