If you’re one of the may users who may have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (WiFi) tablet, then you’re in for some good news! Samsung is pushing out a firmware update for your tablet bringing it to Android 4.4 KitKat.

SamMobile are reporting that only the Wifi version of the Galaxy Note 8.0 will receive the update, making it the first Galaxy Note tablet to get the firmware upgrade. The update has begun, with devices purchased in the UK receiving the first look.

Included in the update, besides KitKat, are improved performance and battery life, as well as the standard KitKat features like wireless printing, redesigned notification icons and full screen album art.

If you have a Galaxy Note 8.0 from the UK and wish to get the update, all you need to do is go to Settings > About tablet > Software update (or plug into Samsung’s Kies desktop app) to see if your update is ready. Do bear in mind that like any previous updates, the rollout will be progressive at best so keep checking if you don’t get the update message straight away.


Source: Android Central.
Via: SamMobile.
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Any further updates on when this update will hit Australian shores

I’ve had no update yet. Pretty annoyed as it is a high end 8 inch tablet…


Anyone heard anything more? I still haven’t got the update. It’s it time to flash?

Ashley D

I’ve queried this with Samsung Australia and they say they have no update scheduled yet. Apparently it all went pear-shaped when they started finding bugs in KitKat4.4.2 and then decided to move to KitKat4.4.3 – but this version has not been tested or approved for rollout on the Note 8.0.
There is a strong suspicion that it will now bypass Australia and wait for the next update KitKat4.4.4.
Reason being… Note 8.0 sales in Australia just weren’t that strong so there are not many devices affected.

Mike W

No sign of 4.4.4 here either

Mike W

Three months and no sign of an Australian rollout 🙁