Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the Moto 360, in the flesh. It isn’t my flesh, but you’re seeing Motorola’s new smartwatch courtesy of David Pierce again from the Verge.

Before we take a look at the watch in closer detail, here’s his thoughts on the watch and its feel:

The Moto 360 isn’t actually that big. It’s solid and high-end, and it’s definitely in the larger end of the smartwatch spectrum, but it quickly felt natural on my wrist. Light, round, and comfortable.

David thought the 360 was something pretty special, and from the looks we’d have to agree. It’s big, beautiful and bold .. though perhaps a little too bold for some; it’s a big watch, and the silver bezel and the sheer size of the watch may make it just a little too much for the faint of heart.

There’s reportedly huge lines to look at the 360 and to have a play with it, so will it be the most desirable Android Wear device? Maybe. It could also be that people at I/O are receiving their choice of a LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, so there’s more hype for the device that they can’t (yet) have themselves.

Source: Verge.
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I’ve ordered an LG G Watch because I just want to get my hands on Android Wear but once that Moto 360 comes out, IT WILL BE MINE!

Joshua Hill

I don’t know if the watch itself is too big or the bezel is to small and blingy. It just doesn’t look right for my taste. Oh well I’m sure other competitors will eventually bring round smartwatches too. When the original note launched everyone, well the vast majority thought it looked silly being held to an ear for use as a phone. I still think big phones look silly when used as a phone all this time later. I suspect my feeling on the 360 will remain the same but hope it grows on me the more I see it… Read more »

Joshua Hill

There’s a video of a female moto design tester using the 360 and discussing it. The watch is all black, no blingy chrome bezel and looks much better IMO. Getting excited about the 360 again. Not sure if I’ll be an early adopter though. Might wait for the 2nd revision to improve any problems. I suspect battery life on these devices is going to improve dramatically at some stage and I don’t want to get burnt with a watch that needs charging daily if they release ones that last for a week or so later on.


Any official ‘public’ release date?


Looks like it will be released towards the end of the year 🙁

Joshua Hill

According to one of the moto design testers who was wearing and showcasing the watch, late summer. That’s northern hemisphere so well before the end of the year 🙂


The Moto 360 being too big for women to wear, is what I was worrying about.
Pics 9 and 10, are the ones I’ve been waiting on. The size of the Moto 360 is what I had surmised, very much like the old Swatch POP Watch. What Lenovorola needs to do is obtain a license from Swatch to re-launch the POP Watch, this time using the Moto 360 as the basis.


Yes Ladies need a Ladies watch to do Ladies things.


It is abundantly clear from the foolhardiness of your reply, that you were not old enough, in the late 1980s, to have actually seen how large the POP Swatch watches were.

Ben Freke

Sorry :disqus, is the size good or bad? It’s a little unclear what your opinion is.

I love the round shape but have my reservations about size myself. Once I can try it on I’ll have a better opinion 🙂


Ben, the size is absolutely GREAT!
The external casing diameter of the device is comparable to the late 1980s POP Swatch. They were a large diameter watch face and casing, with a bumper casing surrounding the actual casing, and the whole thing mounted on a wide band.
The POP Swatches drop kicked the whole idea that women’s watches should always be small and dainty. They were large and loud.