Moto G
After advising that Android 4.4.4 to their handsets was rolling out to handsets in Brazil and India earlier this month, it seems it’s Australias turn with reports appearing that Australian stock of the Moto G is receiving the update as an Over the Air update now.

The update is a sizeable 167MB download, but you’re given options for WiFi or Cellular download.

The update includes the updated phone dialler, as well as enabling the ability to download the Motorola Alert app that was introduced on the Moto E. You’ll also receive the ability to pause Video Recording.

You can attempt to see if your Moto G has an update waiting by going to Settings>About Phone>Check for System Updates. But if you aren’t prompted to download never fear it should be here soon.

Motorolas Australian support page also lists the Australian models of the Moto X and Moto E as in line to receive the Android 4.4.4 update, but we haven’t heard if it’s begun to arrive as yet. We love hearing about hardware updates so make sure you tweet us, email us or send a smoke signal when your phone is prompted to update.

Thanks: Owen.
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Ramiro Fernandez

More importantly, this update also removes the “no SIM, no service” message from the notification drawer and the corresponding icons from the status bar if you have a dual SIM model and only use one of the SIM slots.
Also, it fixes the font rendering issues with the weird black lines.

These were my two main software complaints about the Moto G, so I’m super happy 🙂

Paul Walker

My Mum’s Moto G got this on Saturday after I checked for her.