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We all know that Samsung are big on releasing different versions of the same phone to cater for as many different users as possible. This year, possibly to appease users who preferred the HTC-metal casing to the Samsung plastic, Samsung were rumoured to be producing a premium, metal-clad version of the Galaxy S5 called the Galaxy Alpha. Photos have surfaced today that show the Galaxy Alpha is not such a device.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha appears to be a 4.7in phone designed to compete with the Iphone 6 when it is released. The Alpha to me appears to be a retake on the Galaxy S2 with the squarer corners and the chrome-ringed button at the front making a return. As seen in the photo above the Alpha is smaller than the S5 with a different shape altogether. The standard leather back is present along with a metallic band around the sides of the device. The heart rate monitor from the S5 appears to be present on the back alongside the camera.

The Alpha has been rumoured to have a 4.7in HD display along with 3GB of RAM and an upgraded Snapdragon 805 processor. I am sceptical that it will in fact arrive with the 805 processor as that is expected to arrive towards the end of the year and Samsung would want to have the Alpha out and ready for consumers by the time the Iphone 6 hits the shelves so that is doubtful. New rumours from Sammobile say that the Alpha will arrive with a nano SIM slot, fingerprint scanner, and 32GB of internal storage. Most of this is pure speculation but the look and size of the device is one thing that is certain.

Are you interested in a smaller version of the S5, the Alpha? Do you think there is a market for it here in Australia?

Source: Droid LifeSamMobile.
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damn.. nice combo of screen size, handset ratio . wonder how the big the battery will be though and will they gimp the camera because its a smaller phone ? I’d love to see them do a large sensor size that resolves 8MP or so – pleased with my new S5 but a phone that did better with lowlight without being as small in image size as the HTC One would be great, at the moment no manufacturer gets the tradeoffs right


So a mixture of plastic and metal, no doubt to keep the back removable….


Ah the S2, that was an awesome phone


totally agree, the latter phones’ screen sizes are to big for my liking.


Erhgh. Samsung whatcha doing? Don’t go making a phone that looks like an iPhone again.


Snapdragon 805 was supposed to come out in June… early prototypes of G3 were using them. It got delayed a bit (hence forcing LG to go with 801) but it certainly will be out by the time the iPhone 6 is out.


…and the “LG G3 Cat. 6” officially goes on sale *tomorrow* in Korea, complete with Snapdragon 805

vijay alapati

why would u call it s2, just the ring on the button……nothing else matches.
not sure if this is going to be aimed against new iphone


because to me it looks eerily similar to the shape of the S2. And I’m not the only one who thinks that- if you don’t then that’s fine too.