For me, this is what the Android Operating System and Android Wear is all about; community minded developers with an idea being able to deliver it to users in a way that suits the user.

Attopedia is, I have to say, one of the coolest apps for Android Wear to date. It’s a Wikipedia interface for your Android Wear watch, and it’s really simple and powerful.

The delivery is pretty simple, it’s an Android Wear interface into Wikipedia; the go to fountain of knowledge and trolling for internet users all over the world. Using the app is very simple, it’s an easy swipe up or down to access menus or content scrolling is a left or right swipe.

With this amount of knowledge at your fingertips, without even taking your phone out of your pocket there’s no excuse for not getting those obscure 1950’s sports questions or random questions about who’s the minister for XYZ at the next quiz night you attend.

Grab it on the Play Store Link

Attopedia for Android Wear
Attopedia for Android Wear

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Source: Dheera.
Via: Play Store.