Moto G (2014)
We’re pretty big on Moto right now, their low, medium and higher end phones are absolutely desirable by a large portion of the market judging from your feedback. It looks like you can now add JB Hifi to the list of retailers stocking the Moto G (2014) with stock reportedly arriving in stores now.

The phone is priced to sell at the Recommended Retail Price of $299, although the phone is available at slightly cheaper pricing around the traps, so talk to your friendly staff member about price matching.

We have a Moto G (2014) on the Ausdroid review bench and we’ll be putting a review up shortly but initial impressions are good, so head into a JB Hifi store to check it out.

Thanks: Rami.
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The new one was selling here at the weekend in NZ for $199. They sold out in a few hours..

Luke Sleeman

Do we have an actual date for the X and the 360 yet? Its supposed to be some time this month, but it would be nice to know when.


Got mine for $264 at Office works. Apparently the same price at Good Guys.


Got two for $220 a piece from The Good Guys!


Which good guys? Best price I got from them is $268


20% on the eBay sale (5″ one).


5 inch or the 4.5″ version?