Nexus 9 - Android Police Render
We’ve seen some news recently on the alleged Nexus 6 ‘Shamu’, but we’re also expecting a HTC Nexus 9 tablet as well. The tablet has shown up sporadically over the last 6 months, with @evleaks reporting on model# 0P82100 as far back as June. Now a device from HTC bearing that model# has passed through the US FCC.

The certification documents don’t actually tell us a whole lot except that the device is a tablet and this model at least doesn’t bear any LTE/3G radios or at least makes no mention of them, but does Dual-Band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth and NFC. A confidentiality letter submitted with the device requests that External, Internal and Test Setup Photos, as well as the User Manual should be kept confidential for up to 180 days After the grant date of equipment authorisation. Other documents state that device intent and user manual will be posted on after the tablets release.

There’s SAR and DFS reports testing the frequencies that the tablet is using, but not much else. The FCC Sticker and position of the sticker are shown, which gives us an idea that the tablet will be used in portrait and is quite wide, indicating that the rumoured 4:3 aspect ratio is a possibility.

Looks like the DFS docs show 16GB or 32GB storage options available. Unfortunately the rumoured 64GB option doesn’t appear to be eventuating.

Current rumours on specs vary, but most have agreed on the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor for the tablet, which will apparently use an aluminium body. There’s not much more to do at this point except wait for further details or perhaps a product announcement to drop, with rumours putting the launch date for the tablet as October 16th, if so, there’s not long now.

Source: FCC.
Via: Blog of Mobile.
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Won’t bother with this if storage isn’t upgraded…


16 and 32GB? Fair dinkum..install a couple of games such as MC5 etc and there goes over half your storage!! not good enough- 64gb costs the same as 32…


Scott, that’s why my reply to the article – Opinion: What we’d like in a Nexus 6
64GB as minimum on board storage for apps install, and 128GB microSD capability for media storage.

But noting your comment above, I’m now thinking that what I described should really be the minimum spec for storage for any mid range or higher device, not just the N6.


maybe it is a 3:2 2,560 × 1,700 like the chromebook pixel

Damon Lewis

If this tablet isn’t wide-screen then I might not get either nexus device this year.