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Soon after the launch of Android 4.4 and the last Nexus phone, Google Executive Chariman Eric Schmidt published a guide on his Google+ page offering relatively easy advise on how iOS users could switch to Android. Now, in the wake of another Android update, Google themselves have seemingly polished up the guide, and posted it on the Android website, in a bid to get some switching going on.

The guide is quite well put together and offers step by step instructions – as well as tools – to help iOS converts to transfer their Photos, Music and Music, as well as Contacts over to their Google equivalents. There’s also a reminder to iOS users to switch off iMessage before putting their SIM card into an Android phone, advising users :

iMessage is an Apple messaging service. Don’t forget to turn it off, or SMS/MMS messages will continue to be directed to your old iPhone or iPad instead of being routed to your new Android phone.

If you know of someone who has been lusting after an Android device, but found the task of switching a little daunting, then point them over at the website and in theory they should be jumping over with ease.

Via: AndroidCentral.
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    Most iFans that i know would lower themselves to use an Android device.. It’s a bit like a Realtor going from a BMW down to a Toyota.


    I would never degrade myself to own an i device. Common muck sheep hipsters who think they are so unique but are all clones of each other. An i device is behind the times, boring and expensive. It is for people with no clue who follow the pack with their brain switched off.

    Owning an i device is like going from the space shuttle to a datsun.

    Stephen Murray

    This would have been damn handy when I borrowed my mates Galaxy SIII 4G for a week! Took me a while to get everything I needed off my iPhone 4