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Motorola - A Lenovo Company
On the same day that the Motorola built Nexus 6 went on-sale in the US, Motorola and Lenovo have jointly announced that the sale of the company from Google to Lenovo has been completed.

The sale of Motorola caught many by surprise when Google announced it back in January, when they had sold Motorola for $2.91 billion. The sale was rumoured to be a bid to quash concerns by Open Handset Alliance manufacturers who saw the relationship between Google and Motorola as a little too close, despite statements that a ‘Firewall’ existed between the two companies. The sale is now complete, and it’s now time to look to the future of Motorola.

In a blog post on the Motorola blog, CEO Rick Osterloh spoke about the future of the Motorola brand and Moto and Droid branded devices, saying :

The iconic Motorola brand will continue, as will the Moto and DROID franchises that have propelled our growth over the past year. We will continue to focus on pure Android and fast upgrades, and remain committed to developing technology to solve real consumer problems. And we will continue to develop mobile devices that bring people unprecedented choice, value and quality.

Lenovo for their part advised that Motorola will continue to operate as a ‘wholly-owned subsidiary’. The company will remain at their new headquarters in Chicago in the US. Lenovo welcomed the 3,500 Motorola employees around the world, but didn’t say anything about their future.

The sale is now complete, now we will have to see what becomes of what we believe was an excellent start by Motorola and Google to revolutionise the software on phones, as well as the delivery of Software updates to phones in a timely manner. All we can say is good luck.

Now that Motorola is owned by Lenovo, will this change anything for you and your perceptions of Motorola?

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vijay alapati

will this effect updates ? till now its under google so motorola has access to those build bit early than others. But now O_0


as long as i get my paws on a nexus 6 before feb 2018 i dont mind, why, how, when and who they f*ck is none of my business



You should just fly to USA, and buy it here.

Pls confirm


Hi Spentan,

Pls verify, clarify and justify flying to the USA for a defective product.

Pls confirm ASAP,

Kindest regards,



If it’s defective, maybe you’re better off buying an iPhone 6 Plus?


Mercedes driver

Mate its not even quad core and has no ram

Asian cleaner from maccas

Will you pls leave


Why was my post deleted Ausdroid staff ?

This site is pathetic – someone needs to reply to this and explain why.


From that post I don’t blame them, you sound like a total Cu$# Please go elsewhere as your type with posts that make no sense is not needed here.


chris, you dont know the first thing about how many android phones ive had and how many have had obvious manufacturing defects. pls elaborate on how perfect your android phone is, when we all know it is cheaply made.


What are you going about ? This is a post about Lenovo buying Motorola. You are nothing but a Troll. Go Away


There’s no need for name calling chris.

I would like to know what phone you are using and whether you are happy with it?


no, no name calling going on just calling you out.
What does my phone have to do with the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo ?

We do not appreciate you and your pointless posts attacking Ausdroid. Get back on your meds as it is clear you are having multiple conversations in your head that do not relate to the subject at hand, enough of your pointless ranting.


the point is i had a very long post with many different opinions and points on this and ausdroid deleted it. that is pathetic. this is australia is it not (freedom of speech? i have the right to say what i want about things.. and if they dont agree with it they cant just delete the comment, they need to pay respect to it and honour it as a valid thought? thats how it needs to work otherwise freedom of speech dies… ? no trolling happening. if you/anyone else is too dumb to understand what im saying then it isnt… Read more »


Ok firstly I get back to the point, the post is about Lenovo buying moto. Next up is the fact that the all of your comments make no sense if you have not seen the deleted post and it was probably deleted for a very good reason. After that comes it is not your website nor the government, there is no freedom of speech we are not in the US. You are making racist comments and assumptions based upon no fact. The Lenovo products I have seen are better than IBM made and frankly they are all made in China… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

Tony, I am assuming you are referring to the post in which you used the word ‘Sh*tty’ – this post was auto-removed by Disqus. Comments with Swearing and Links are automatically held in ‘Pending’ Status. Swearing for the obvious reason and links because spammers often link to malware infected sites. As for this post I am locking comments to stop any further discussion. Your IP has been logged and we’ll be monitoring your further usage, if you continue to use even modified swear words you will be blacklisted. We put this site up daily with no monetary benefit to us… Read more »


As long as they keep to the path they started at Google, I’ll be happy.


You want them to stick to the distribution system of treating the non-US global market with contempt?


Yea that’s exactly what I wrote in my comment. 😛


Just hope that they keep the Motorola brand and allow them to develope their own product range..

Caleb Johns

People stress too much