BBM on Android

BlackBerry’s instant messaging service BBM is rolling out an update to all OS platforms over the next few days that will see a few new features such as Timed Messages which allows users to send a ‘secret’ message to a contact for a pre-set duration of time.

The update also includes the ability to retract any sent messages which may have been sent accidentally.

The full list of features included in the update are:

  • Timed Messages: Set how long contacts have access to messages and pictures shared in a chat*
  • Message Retraction: ‘Retract’ a message to remove it from your BBM chat*
  • A quicker sticker picker: Adding stickers to your BBM chats is now even quicker with a new picker
  • HD Picture Transfer: It’s easier than ever to get a high quality version of the pictures you receive in BBM
  • Discover Music: See what music your contacts are listening to in BBM Feeds.

“These new enhancements to BBM were highly requested so we’re excited to be delivering them to users today,” said John Sims, President Global Enterprise Services at BlackBerry.

“These capabilities will allow our users to be more creative in how they deliver their messages while also being confident that their content is kept private and seen only by its intended recipient.” Sims has stated.

The update may take a while to appear up in your update list on Google Play and of course the usual server regions as well.

It is important to note that BlackBerry have stated that the Timed Messages and Message Retraction features will be a premium paid feature in the future. In the official press release the company has stated that It will be free for everyone over the next three months, after which “unrestricted access to these features will become part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription”.

This indication certainly does put to rest that BlackBerry is looking at making parts of BBM a premium paid subscription service.

BBM - No longer available
BBM - No longer available
Developer: BBM .
Price: To be announced

Do you currently use BBM for Android? Would you consider paying for these features after the 3 month free period?

Source: BlackBerry Blog.
Via: Android Central.