Google has listed on the Play Store that the Nexus 9 will begin leaving their warehouse by the 5th of November. It looks like shipments are due to begin imminently with customers reporting that their Credit Cards have now been charged for the amount which was pre-authorised when they pre-ordered the tablet.

CC Authorisation - Nexus 9

Checking with banks shows that the authorisation has now been finalised, which means that according to the Support Page for the Play store, the devices are shipping. The full wording of the support page reads :

When you purchase a device or device accessories on Google Play (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, covers, chargers, etc.), you will be charged at the time your order has shipped – usually within a few days after placing your order.

So, the next step will be receiving shipping notifications and tracking numbers for the tablet. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you’ve received a notification and tracking number.

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Yay. Mine is now shipping!


My card got charged today too, can’t wait to get it!


Nothing has been debited from my account yet 🙁


Any ideas when the LTE edition might be coming?

JL Picard

I’m waiting for the LTE edition as well. Haven’t heard/found anything on the web about the release.

Daniel Tyson

So far the official response is : ‘Later this year’


Is it too soon to be clicking refresh constantly? Edit: Am I wrong or wasn’t the release date originally the 3rd anyway and not the 5th?

Zues Nexus

True ay they said the 3rd not 5th


yeah they said the 3rd but maybe they meant the 3rd in the U.S which will be the 4th for aus


Google said the 3rd, but when you pre-ordered they gave a shipping date of the 5th.


The money has been debited from my account. Just waiting on shipping details.


Still no news regarding availability of nexus 6 in Australia.

Daniel Tyson

Not yet. We’re looking, trust me, we’re REALLY looking..


I’ve been asking at all the telco shops I walk past, no ones cracked yet

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I work at a telco and I don’t even know if we’re going to sell it. Haven’t heard anything.


It seems Motorola never cares about Australia.