Tomorrow, the 5th of November is the official launch date for the latest tablet, the Nexus 9. Pre-orders, are due to start shipping tomorrow, but if you decided to wait then you can now order the tablet on Google Play and it will ship within 1-2 business days.

Nexus 9 - In Stock

There appears to have been plenty of stock allocated to the Australian market, with the Nexus 9 never experiencing the stock shortages that other Nexus devices experienced when launching on the Play Store. It’s good news for people who postponed ordering the tablet, hoping that they may appear at retail. But the news on retail launch of the Nexus 9 in Australia is fairly quiet with no stores reporting they will be stocking the tablet…yet.

Those who pre-ordered the Nexus 9 when it launched on Google Play last month are now eagerly awaiting shipping notifications, but if you didn’t and have now decided you want one – head on over to Google Play and order your Nexus 9.

Source: Google Play.
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Any news on the keyboard folio? I was really hoping to get one of these so I don’t need to lug around my notebook when I’m on call.

Daniel Tyson

Sigh. No 🙁

Darren Ferguson

Mine is in transit!

Joshua Hill

Based on initial reviews, some from pro android sites like AndroidPolice the N9 build quality is not worth the money.

Dylan Wheeler

Yawn, I want a Nexus 6 now!


And yet still no news about the nexus 6. It is starting to get ridiculous.