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Nexus 6 - Australian GOogle Play
After launching the LG G Watch R on Google Play this morning, Google has also put the listing for the Nexus 6 up on the Australian Google Play Store.

Unfortunately the phone is not up for pre-order as yet, with both the 32GB and 64GB models listed as ‘Coming Soon’. Both the Midnight Blue and Lunar White colour options are there, and pricing is finally known, with the 32GB option listed as $869, while the 64GB version will cost a whopping $929.

As with the launch of the Nexus 6 in the US, Google is offering 6-months of Google Play Music All Access with the purchase of the phone. As with the US offer there are limitations:

This offer is not available to anyone who has subscribed to Google Play Music’s unlimited service on a paid or trial basis in the past 12 months

We’re expecting the usual $19.95 shipping charge on top of the pretty large price when the phone does go up for pre-order so better factor that into your budget. We’ll be approaching Google Australia again today to find out if there is any indication on when pre-orders will go live.

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Wow still coming soon and only black Nexus 5 left now. Soon it appears there will be no nexus phone available in this country.

Aaron Connor

As much as I would like a pure Android phone, Note 4 being at the same price it wins out – more heavily featured, expandable memory, s-pen functionality. Really, they needed Note 6 to be around $750, but over $900?!? Urgh.

Winnie Wilks

Why then are you snooping around in the Nexus 6 comment sections?


Hey Daniel, when you approach Google Australia to ask about preorder dates, how about you grill them about the pricing?


easy about the price issue Motorola, Google hasn’t got much say in terms of price (since its made by motorola) lesson is motorola = greed


Oh noes, I think my will to get this phone has just shattered into a million broken Lollipop shards… :'( Some may argue that this pricing is justified (GST + exchange rate etc) for a prime and pure Android (admittedly Googlified) experience – but in no way does a non-local stock (shipping out of Singapore/HK) can claim GST to its price (No ABN? No tax refund for us then). Plus with just a 12-month warranty (vs ACL’s requirement for a 2-year min.) really throws out any hope of hardware support past the first year. With price approaching and even surpassing… Read more »

Brad Hook

With the pricing now announced – I just went and picked up a shiny new iPhone 6 Plus. Oops. Sorry Google! Android Lollipop is very snazzy though I must admit (developer preview on N5). Wonder how long it’ll take me to return to Android?


too far, note 4 would have been a better rage quit


Crikey there’s some bitching and moaning in this thread. Building a brand often involves starting with cheap/free products. Nexus 4 and 5 were pretty close to being sold at a loss, maybe they’re just trying to turn a slight profit as Motorola cant reap the benefits of a flow on effect in the same way that asus/lg could. You cant go and buy a Motorola TV or laptop based on your good experience with one of their phones.


The problem is that users cannot see an increase in quality, which would account for the serious price hike since the N5


Speak for yourself – I am stoked with regard to the increase in quality! Larger screen, AMOLED screen, better camera, larger battery, dual front facing speakers, double tap to wake, ambient screen, water resistance, better processor, more RAM and storage. How can you even make that statement?


No increase in quality? Really? The screen is bigger, the RAM is larger, the processor is newer, the camera is better, etc. My perception of the Nexus 6 is that almost every component would be more costly to produce than the equivalent in the Nexus 5. Add in the deteriorating exchange rate, and the substantially higher price is entirely logical.

Winnie Wilks

Respectfully disagree as I am really excited about the larger screen also I paid around the same price when I pre-ordered my Galaxy Nexus over 3 years ago


$869 + $20 shipping = $889 for the 32gb model.


Screw that. I’ll just wait for the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z4 to see what they’re like.

I would have paid $700-$750, but not $900. Get outta here.

Morgan Hodgkinson

I think Telstra and Optus should put the Nexus 6 in there line up of phone because it would good to have it on a plan as well


Are Australian carriers allowed to put their own bloatware on Nexus.

Daniel Tyson

The common theme is that carriers will be able to add options to the Nexus ROM through Play Store installation only. We will of course have to wait to see what is launched through Australian carriers as Optus and Vodafone have both said they will not carry the phone. Leaving Telstra, who haven’t said anything except they like to evaluate the market.


To those worried about the price compared to the US remember that it includes 10% GST whereas in the US the sales tax (9% in California, for example) is not included in the published price. The current conversion rate pegs the USD $699 model at AUD $818 pre-tax, and if you remove GST from the Aussie sale price it comes in at $844. While we’re copping a $25 “gouging” the price is certainly in the right ballpark of what should be expected given the current exchange rates, even if it’s a little bit of an eye-opener compared to Nexus 4… Read more »


I agree, although I believe the Google play store won’t actually have a GST component as each device is shipped from outside Australia. They do charge as though GST is a component though, no doubt to avoid undercutting local retailers. They probably pocket the difference.

And then if you do the maths for the Nexus 9, none of this logic seems to valid. Perhaps there will not be a retail presence for the 9?


Not all states in the USA have sales tax and there won’t be GST on Nexus 6 because it ships out of Singapore and is less than $1k.


I claimed TRS on my nexus 5 so you are paying gst, you have to call and ask for a tax invoice


I believe early Nexus 5’s were charging GST, the most recent ones are shipping out of Singapore charging $0.00 on GST line item.


Will you update this page once you speak to Google Play Australia?

Madian Jinzarli

What a joke! It shouldn’t be more than 820 at the most for the 64gb version. I was planning to buy this, not anymore. This is so disappointing. Google just lost a loyal customer


I believe he exchange rate is responsible for this. I believe our current government is responsible for the poor exchange rate. Whoever preferenced Liberal in the last election is responsible for our current government. If any of these people are here now having a sook, you got what you voted for, and I have no sympathy. It is far more expensive than I had hoped, but this phone is made for me so I will still get it. Whether the other two are purchased now I don’t know. Looking good for securing one on launch day at these prices. Very… Read more »


On further inspection, the price is actually pretty good when the exchange rate is taken into account and GST (ironically also a direct result of the Liberal party) added. Its only about a $35 premium, remarkably similar to shipping a device from the US, interestingly enough. And when you take into account our consumer rights laws, that is pretty good really.


Re-correcting myself, it is still $200 cheaper than the equivalent iPhone…

Kabe H

Tell Him He’s dreaming..
More than double the N5, what are you thinking google?? Are we supposed to pay for open source software now? certainly will not be purchasing a Nexus device for a while. Ruined my Christmas!


does anybody have a mate in basil ? would love the moto maxx


For the price…wtf? Lost for words. Was prepared for a bit of a hike.. But this? A lot of other phone come into contention now, the only real loss is updates direct, but nothing a cutsom rom won’t fix.


still waiting for them to add the Nexus Player


Ouch I can’t justify spending that much on a phone but at least its cheaper than the British version would be for the cheap one
499 British Pound Sterling equals
921.78 Australian Dollar


I’m assuming the AUD plummeting against the USD has something to do with the rather larger disparity between the US price and Aus price. We might need to get used to the AUD being much lower in value for a while yet…


When the $AUD was last in poor shape compared to the $USD, AU prices were hiked in comparison, ‘because the exchange rate is lousy’ While the $AUD was at or above parity to the $USD, prices were hiked more ‘because we couldn’t sell stuff OS cheap enough’ Now the $AUD is again on the way down in comparison to the $USD and prices are being hiked again, ‘because the exchange rate is turning lousy again’ At no time have prices here ever reflected anything approaching anything near Honest Value. It’s always been gouge, gouge, and more gouge, with would you… Read more »


Such is the way of free market economics. Companies, especially those in monopoly positions, charge what the market will bear. And what people will pay for something is, really, the only true measure of what something is “worth”. Sad, but true.


Absolute rip off.


Makes the Note 4 look like a damn good option. Removable battery, SD-card, real phablet/multi window abilities, although gimmiky – the s-pen.

I really didn’t expect the N6 to come in at close to a grand. That is truly ambitious pricing by Google.

Stephen Crisafulli

Apart from Stock android there is Zero reason to buy the MOTO over the Note 4. This pricing is the fat lady signing (I think I just heard JeniSkunk)


Leave Jeni alone, that is not appropriate.


I was expecting $750 for the 32GB model vs $650 in the US so this is very disappointing. At $750, ii was ordering one as soon as the ‘buy’ button was activated but at this price in having second thoughts


And then I went and pre-ordered one through Yatango!


google must love Australia, they pay stuff all tax here and they charge MORE for their devices, come in spinner.


well that’s disappointing. A$869 compared to U$649 is a big difference. Somewhere around the $749 would be a little easier to swallow.


Somewhere around the $700 AUD mark would be tolerable.
$750 AUD, still serious gouging with the Australia Tax
$869 AUD, go an take a very long walk off a very short pier.


How, the exchange rate alone is nearly AU$759, add GST $76 = $835. If you purchase direct from the US (thru shipito/shopmate) you should be able to get for about $800 landed.


When you purchase N6 from USA, you will get the USA version tied to their network spectrum. You won’t received the international version. Plus you won’t get the Australian charger. Good luck selling it on Gumtree.


Wow, at those prices I may just stick with my Oneplus One


At half the price on the 6, im tempted to get the One – the 6 however will be a 2 year phone, the one ill be replacing in 1 year?. $430 vs $870 hmmm.