In a surprise to no one, the Oneplus has an Unofficial Build of Lollipop that has appeared on XDA Developers. According to the thread, the ROM is actually built from CM12 source and appears to have only a few minor bugs and instabilities (not unusual for early builds) it’s nearly ready for release and “general consumption”. The post on XDA has some useful links so you can grab all the software you need to root and manually change the ROM on your device.

The information currently available suggests that nightly builds may be on the cards very soon allowing those of you with a Oneplus in your life to roll the dice and use it as a daily driver or if you’re not quite that game; hold off for an official stable build.

Either way, it’s great to see that Cyanogen and Oneplus are continuing to develop the device and keep it at the forefront of peoples minds.

If you were a betting person; would you put your money on the Nexus 6 being available before a stable build of Lollipop for the Oneplus?

Source: XDA Developers.
Via: YouTube.
Thanks: Greg.
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I was exited to find out the Galaxy Note 3 has an unofficial CM12 port as well now.

Juan Mackie

Just picked up a OPO , wow great hardware ,the software leaves a little to be desired tho so here’s to hoping that cm12 (lollipop) is better.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How does the software leave a little to be desired? I’ve read and watched plenty of reviews that say it’s very smooth, and that of a nexus device.

Juan Mackie

I have had endless issues with MMS and data , I thought it was a network issue but it seems there are few people with the same problems and a lot are saying its due to the latest CM update . After having the phone for 2 days already needed a factory reset !


Are you finding it keeps crashing out? Do you have a non-standard theme installed? The main culprit was the theme engine for me. As soon as I reverted to the standard theme my OPO has been 100%. What a joy it is when you’ve got it stable. Best phone I’ve ever had.


I’d agree with that. I went stock from the start and have had no issues

Phil Tann

I’m going to (time permitting) give this a crack tonight. See how we go, but I’ve not had any major stability issues with the OPO yet.