Sony SmartBand Talk - SWR30
The Sony Smartwatch 3 wasn’t the only wearable that Sony announced at IFA back in September, they also introduced an updated version of their life-logging fitness band – the Sony SmartBand Talk, offering updated capabilities including a curved 1.4″ e-paper display, as well as microphone and speaker to allow you to make and receive calls. Sony Australia has now made the SmartBand Talk available on their website with free delivery for $199.

The updated SmartBand Talk also includes an integrated accelerometer and altimiter which helps to track your movements into the Sony Lifelog app which logs not only your physical activity, including step count, but also your day-to-day functions such as photos taken, places you’ve been, calendar events and more – it’s essentially an auto-journal of your life. The SmartBand Talk with it’s e-paper display will now also make all these stats available on your display, a massive improvement over the original Sony Smartband which didn’t have a screen.

The SmartBand Talk is also waterproof, with Sony offering an IP68 rating, so you can go swimming with the Smartband Talk without worry, this also means it’s dustproof as well. The SmartBand Talk will come in a range of ‘extra vibrant colours’, but so far only the Black option is available from the Sony Website.

While Sony Australia hasn’t officially announced the SmartBand Talk, Sony is already accepting orders on their website, so if you’re interested you can check out the band over on their website.

Source: Sony Australia.