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geavi is a new app we’ve come across that is described as a personal safety app, allowing users to create videos, combine them with their locations, and upload it to a secure cloud service where the videos are stored (and locked) for a period of 10 days, so that videos can’t be deleted by anyone.

Why might this be useful?

You could use it if you find someone doing they shouldn’t and you choose to video it for evidentiary purposes. You might feel unsafe yourself, and so start a video recording while you continue to use your phone. You see, geavi records and operates in the background, so once you’ve started it recording, everything it sees is captured, and securely uploaded.

If you’re truly in harms way, and some harm comes to you, the video evidence you record and upload might just help catch those responsible. Even if they’re familiar with the app and they ask you to delete the videos, the service doesn’t let you, so there’s no point coercing the user into deleting the recordings.

The technology is simple; video records in the background once activated (if you want), the interface is well designed and minimal, and integration across mobile, tablet and the web is a given. Better yet, your content is automatically synchronised to the cloud, so you can access it when you need it.

geavi is probably the kind of app that you won’t need until the time that you really wish you had it. If you’re the kind who goes into risky situations a bit more often than others, or if you just feel like having a little bit of extra protection available in your pocket, download it and set it up, and keep it just in case.

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    I love the background recording feature it’s super handy