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‘Never Settle’ is the motto and OnePlus are continuing to strive to meet that standard and offer more functionality with each and every update for their current flagship phone, the OnePlus One. OnePlus, has tonight announced that they have entered into a partnership with high-end audio vendor MaxxAudio to offer Waves audio enhancement software in their next update.

The software update that will bring the Waves by MaxxAudio enhancements is not expected to hit phones until January, when the next major update from Cyanogen is rolled out. The new update will offer a higher end, immersive audio experience for users using the speakers, headphones or connected Bluetooth devices, though the company says on their blog ‘MaxxAudio is specifically custom tuned for the OnePlus One’s speakers and our own Silver Bullet and JBL E1+ headphones’.

The Waves update brings 10 equalizer presets which will be offered in the AudioFX app that will be available on the phone, presets offer a tuned audio experience for music and sounds ranging from Jazz, through to Heavy Metal or Hip Hop, or you can tune your own settings using sliders for Bass, Treble and more from within the app.

The team at OnePlus, Cyanogen and of course MaxxAudio are all quite ‘jazzed’ about the upcoming software update. Tomer Elbaz, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Waves Consumer Division said:

Waves is thrilled to be a part of the latest device and updates from OnePlus as we share their passion to provide the highest quality of performance to improve end-user experiences in the mobile arena.

Steve Kondik, CTO of Cyanogen Inc. said

As an audiophile, I’m personally excited about the audio sound quality that you just don’t get on mobile devices. Our team worked closely with MaxxAudio to perfect the software integration through the new version of the AudioFX app we developed.

and finally, Carl Pei, co-founder and Director of OnePlus Global said

With MaxxAudio from Waves, we are upping the bar on smartphone audio quality and customization. The One will continue to surprise users. This is just one of the many exciting updates we’ve got in store.

We’ve used Waves Audio on the Oppo Find 7 and it was a great audio experience, so we look forward to testing this out when it hits OnePlus One handsets in January.

Source: OnePlus Blog.
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I must admit I’ve been impressed with the audio software that comes with the OnePlus One and am interested to see what sort of leap forward the MaxxAudio partnership brings about. That said, I am skeptical that anything meaningful will come where music is played out of any phone’s built in speakers, let alone the One’s.